Patient & Family Quotes
"I was diagnosed with VHL at a young age..." Corynn, ON
"I had my first tumour in spine about 17 years ago and..." Brandi, ON
”"Here is my VHL tattoo. VHL knot in the middle of the world..." M, Newfoundland
"I have VHL and have had 5 brain tumour and 3 kidney cancer operations..." Henry, ON 
"Big changes for me in 5 years... But I am lucky...."  Erin, Alberta
"Hi everyone. I’m 38 years old and live in Ottawa..." Melanie, ON
”United in disease: mother and son fight recurrent tumours... Unis dans la maladie: une mère et son fils combattent des tumeurs à repetition”, Le Journal de Montréal
"Power to all the mamas out there…" S, Quebec,  April 2019
S, Europe
"When I go to the hospital with [my son], I try to make it like a "journée privilège..." Quebec
"She's not a little kid [anymore] so she gets it … with her being in high school..." Manitoba
"This is wonderful time have a group in Canada. My son and step daughter, 25, both have VHL. My son is 10 so I've joined on his behalf..." N, Alberta 2018